Western Province League

The Milnerton Squash Club provides you with the opportunity to join active men’s and ladies league teams. Provincial league competition offers members the chance to compete against a variety of opponents at the appropriate skill level.

You get to have a regular competitive game and enjoy socialising together afterwards.

2018 League Teams


  • 3rd league (playing on Mondays)
  • 5th league (playing on Mondays)


  • 1st league (playing on Tuesdays)
  • 3rd league (playing on Tuesdays)
  • 5th league (playing on Tuesdays)
  • 6th league (playing on Tuesdays)
  • 8th league (playing on Tuesdays)
  • 12th league (playing on Wednesday)
  • 13th league (playing on Wednesday)
  • 14th league (playing on Wednesday)
  • 15th league (playing on Thursday)

There are home and away games starting at 18:30 during the league season.