Thursday Social Three courts booked for only members to play Thursday
18:30 - 22:00
Saturday Social Three courts booked for all members and possible members to play Saturday
12:30 - 16:00
Please note that league bookings take precedence over these

Rules of play and how the system works:

1. Social days operate on a first come first served basis.
2. There will be a list for players to fill their names in.
3. Players are to pay R5 before they may start playing.
4. Your name must be put on the list in the first open slot.
5. When your group comes up, cross your names off the list and play.
6. All games are scored PAR to 21 points.
7. Three players per court, unless numbers dictate otherwise.
8. Upon completion of your game, you may place your name on the list again.
9. Players may play as many times as they please.